Mass Spec Forum Vienna
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Program Tuesday 20th, 2018

09:00 09:05 Opening
09:05 09:50 Gerard Hopfgartner University of Geneva, CH Structural analysis of pharmaceuticals, metabolites and lipids by collision induced dissociation and electron-ion fragmentation reactions (ExD) using a chimeric collision cell
09:50 10:10 Christian Baumann ABSciex, D Monoclonal Antibodies, Biosimilars, ADC’s – the importance of deep and correct characterization of Biotherapeutics
10:10 10:30 Goran Mitulovic Medical University Vienna, A Pillar-Arrayed-Columns for Proteomics Analysis
10:30 11:10 Energy Break    
11:10 11:30 Dominique Kreutz University of Vienna, A Curcumin exerts its antitumor effects in a context dependent fashion
11:30 11:50 Djuro Josic University of Rijeka, Cro Proteomic analysis of the mode of action of the desinfectants based on pyridoxal oxime derivates against food borne pathogens
11:50 12:10 Claire Dauly ThermoFisher, F Quantitative, Reproducible, Standardized, and Scalable - Needs for Translational Proteomics
12:10 12:30 Edita Rados TU Wien, A A multi-vendor applicable LDI/MALDI target system for instruments with different performance characteristics
12:30 13:45 lunch    
13:45 14:30 Shane Ellis Maastricht University, NL Advances in high resolution mass spectrometry for lipid imaging
14:30 14:50 Sarah Theiner University of Vienna, A High resolution LA-ICP-(TOF-)MS imaging as screening tool in pre-clinical metal-based anticancer drug research
14:50 15:10 Ann-Christin Niehoff Shimadzu, D Complementary bioimaging to determine nanoparticle and phospholipid distribution in lung tissue
15:10 15:50 Energy Break  
15:50 16:10 Esther Gil-Mansilla Medical University Vienna, A Neuropeptide localization in ant brains combining MALDI imaging and µCT
16:10 16:30 Anton Skríba Czech Academy of Sciences, CZ Imaging mass spectrometry and microbial metabolomics on track of infectious diseases
16:30 16:50 Andreas Wiesner Advion, D The expression CMS: What makes this mass spectrometer so exceptional? 
16:50 17:10 Adam Pruška Masaryk University, CZ Evaluation of matrix layer homogeneity utilizing quasi-homogeneous biological tissues in MALDI MSI
17:35 Evening Event