Mass Spec Forum Vienna
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Program Wednesday 21st, 2018 (Building BA, 11th floor, TUtheSky)

09:00 09:05 Opening
09:05 09:50 Robin Golser University of Vienna, A Isobars in (A)MS: how to stop them cold
09:50 10:10 Herbert Hutter TU Wien, A Artefact free measurement of light ions in dielectric films by TOF-SIMS
10:10 10:30 Felix Horak TU Wien, A Quantitative elemental analysis of surface modified TiO2 nanoparticles via LA-ICP-MS
10:30 10:50 Marion Schäffer Agilent, D New High Resolution 7250 GC/Q-TOF for Metabolomics
10:50 11:30 Energy Break    
11:30 11:50 Katharina Paschinger University of Natural Ressources, A Unexpected N-glycomic complexity in invertebrates
11:50 12:10 Arnd Ingendoh Bruker, D A Novel Approach for Shotgun Proteomics: Parallel Accumulation – Serial Fragmentation (PASEF) combining Ion Mobility and High Resolution Mass Spectrometry
12:10 12:30 Alba Hykollari University of Natural Ressources, A Off-line LC-MS analysis of the N-glycome of honeybee royal jelly
12:30 13:45 lunch    
13:45 14:05 Michiel Vandenbosch KU Leuven, , B Distribution of Methadone and Metabolites in Skeletal Tissue
14:05 14:25 Maria Doppler University of Natural Ressources, A Evaluation of methanol derived solvent artefacts in metabolomics studies 
14:25 14:45 Benedikt Warth University of Vienna, A The expanding role of mass spectrometry in exposomics research  
14:45 15:05 Adrian Robu National Institute for Research and Development in Electrochemistry and Condensed Matter , Ro Chip-nanoESI QTOF MS of FGF2-CS noncovalent interaction
15:05 15:45 Energy Break    
15:45 16:30 Frank Sobott University of Leeds, UK Dynamic protein structure: from protein disorder to membrane pores
16:30 16:50 Jan Commandeur MSVision Modifying Q-TOF instruments for native MS
16:50 17:10 Matthew Kennedy Waters, UK Utilising Size Exclusion Chromatography & Optimised Q-Tof Instrumentation for Routine Native Mass Spectrometry
17:10 17:55 Renato Zenobi ETH Zurich, CH The role of MALDI mass spectrometry in the study of large biomolecular complexes
17:55 18:10 Prize Giving, Farewell